HID Kit For Nissan Figaro

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6000K HI/LOW XENON HID CONVERSION KIT This is a FULL kit brand new in the box, which includes:- - Pair of Bulbs - 2 Ballasts (Digital, shock & waterproof) - Wiring harness - Ballast mounting brackets (with screws) - Cable ties to tidy wires - Installation Instructions - Warranty Card All kits Carry the e24 mark and ISO9001:2000 numbers which comply with EU Regulations. Why HID? Advantages of XENON H I D - 3 Times as bright as standard Halogen bulbs - Safer driving even in extreme weather - 6000k is the brightest white light available producing natural daylight colour - Longer Life: Lasts 3000 hours or more - Save power: Consumes only 35 watts of electricity - Hight-Intensity Brightness: In crease brightness by 300% ( over regular headlights) - Purplish white light: Attractive & comfortable cool white light like sun beam(up to 1000k) What does 6000K mean? 6000 is the Kelvin temperature. The LOWER the K the brighter the light.

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